Kut-Rite Tools

maintains a documented and implemented quality system that satisfies the needs and requirements of our customers. From incoming inspection, write-up, pre-quoting, intern-process documentations, Inspection, Measurement and test equipment calibrations are repeated and documented at intervals set by management and are certified and traceable to the KRT standards.

Inspection and testing

is conducted in process during regrind and manufacturing at significant stages of production and prior to the release of the finished product to the customer. Engineering/Specification prints containing acceptance criteria are made available to Production/Q.A. personnel. All interm process/inspection records are maintained by Kut-Rite Tools and shall be available upon request for customer review.

Measurement and Test Equipment

meet the standard requirements needed to perform the daily inspections of tools. Calibration of all measurement devices are repeated and documented at intervals set by management. Calibrations are performed by an outside calibration sub-contractor who is certified and whose calibration is certified traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Standards.

Inspection Equipment

Anca Tool and Cutter Grinders with S.P.C output
Access to 2008 Zeiss Contura G2 CMM
Mitutoyo Ph3500 Optical Comparator
Universal Punch Concentricity Gage
Mitutoyo QuantuMike Micrometers
Mitutoyo 0-12″ height gauge
Mitutoyo Digital Calipers
Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers
Mitutoyo Outside Micrometers 0-12
Mitutoyo Dial Calipers
Mitutoyo 3 Flute Micrometers
Mitutoyo Anvil Micrometers
Mitutoyo Indicators .001
Mitutoyo Indicators .0001
Mitutoyo Optical Gage
Gage Blocks
Grade A Certified Surface Plates